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Spring Silks: Hermès and Louis Vuitton

Happy Friday! <3

 I hope y'all have been well! Now that we're a week into March and spring is right around the corner, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite spring accessories (Disclaimer: I still wear these items all year long <3 ). One of my favorite ways to dress up a look is by accessorizing with silk scarves. These three scarves are my go-to items for when I want to add more dimension to my looks <3

This scarf is by the brand Hermès and is a Twilly in the pattern "Folklore." I am obsessed with the bright colors of this scarf and love to pair it with basic colors like white and black.

One way to wear this scarf is around the neck with a basic white jacket, shirt, or dress.

Another way I love to wear this scarf is as a headband. I love pairing a messy bun with hoop earrings and this bright-colored Twilly.

My two other favorite silk scarves are by Louis Vuitton. This style is called the Monogram Confidential Bandeau and I have it in both th…

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