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How I Afford Luxury: (23 Ways I Save Money at Age 23)

Happy Sunday, everyone! <3

This week I wanted to share with you a post on how I afford luxury items. Since we're all different, these tips and tricks may not work for you or be what you deem to be worth it/not worth it, but they are what I personally implement in my own budgeting routine to ensure that I have money to spend on luxury items. So without further adieu, here are 23 ways that I save money at age 23 :)
1) Set goals: For me personally, I enjoy luxury shoes and handbags. Therefore, purchasing a specific bag that I have been lusting over might be a goal of mine. If shoes and handbags aren't big priorities for you, that is absolutely okay. Just substitute in whatever "big-ticket" items you are looking to purchase (A new pair of skis, a trip to Europe, etc.) and keep this goal at the forefront of all of your financial considerations. This leads me to my next tool that I use to save money...
2)Hold yourself accountable: If you are planning to purchase a new $1…

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