Business Professional: ft. Chanel, Jimmy Choo, and Gucci

Happy Sunday!

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite "business professional" accessories and what I have been loving to wear to work lately <3

Like many of you, my company and my job position require me to dress at a minimum "business casual." However, just to play it safe I usually try to err on the side of dressing "business professional." AKA on most days you'll find me in a dress and wearing a pair of heels :) 

Tote: Gucci
(Similar style here:

Recently I have been obsessed with this black Gucci Icon Bit Tote. It is the perfect size in that it fits my work laptop, mouse, charger, cellphone, wallet, pens, etc. without looking like a massive suitcase :)  The straps are incredibly sturdy and are comfortable to wear on the shoulders even when the bag is weighted down with all of my work day essentials.

Ankle Boots: Chanel(Similar style here:

These Chanel Leather CC Ankle Boots are another one of my favorites! I have yet to wear them (The weather here in Dallas has been in the 80s), but I know they will be a perfect wardrobe staple this upcoming fall and winter.

Heels: Gianni Bini(Similar style here:
 One of my favorite shoe brands for heels is Gianni Bini (I believe this brand is exclusive to Dillard's). I have numerous pairs of these shoes, but the past few months I have been incessantly wearing these black suede heels. I love wearing them with skirts, dresses, and black skinny jeans. This pair of shoes (and the brand in general) fits my feet well (I have very tiny, narrow feet). None of my Gianni Bini shoes have required me to purchase shoe insoles or other shoe accessories to make the fit better or to prevent blisters. They instantly fit my feet perfectly! :) 

Heels: Steve Madden(Similar style here:
Another one of my favorite pairs of heels is this neutral colored pair by Steve Madden. They are very comfortable, don't cause my feet to blister, and the larger blocked heel makes them very easy to walk in. 

I usually wear this pair of heels when I am wearing lighter colored dresses or light-colored denim.

Patent Flats: Jimmy Choo (Similar style here:
 For days when I don't feel like wearing heels, I usually reach for this pair of Jimmy Choo flats. They are very comfortable and have a sophisticated look with the black patent leather and pointed toe. I LOVE wearing these with cropped black capri dress pants for a "smart casual" look :)

Agenda: Louis Vuitton(Exact style here:

Lastly, as shared in one of my previous posts, my everyday essential (workday or not!) is my Louis Vuitton agenda in the size GM. This agenda helps me keep track of all of my "to-dos" and gives me a place to write down all of my many thoughts, reminders, and ideas so that they aren't whirling around in my head :) 

Thank you for reading! I hope you had a lovely Sunday and a very happy Easter! <3


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